Personal Training 

Do you need a personal trainer to give you that extra push to get you through your sets, monitoring your progress and changing your workouts as you improve?  Do you need a trainer with you while you work out to demonstrate and teach you the correct techniques before you are able to do them confidently?

Personal training sessions push, encourage and motivate you to keep on track of your workouts.  Nutrition advice will always be given in these 1-2-1 sessions.  The sessions can take place in a gym, at home or in the park.  Travel is included in the cost within the M25.

Allow an extra half hour for the first personal training session as it includes a 1-2-1 consultation.

Duration 1 hour

Online Training and Customised Meal Plans

Are you a seasoned exerciser who is motivated once you enter a gym?  Do you already work out in a gym or in a class but have found you have reached your plateau and are stuck for ideas to progress?  Are you not seeing the results that you want to achieve from your current workout?  Then this is for you.  Included in this package:

  • Initial 1-2-1 consultation including a fitness test
  • Customised monthly workout programme with instruction videos for you to follow
  • Nutrition advice and meal plan based on macro calories, protein, fat and carbs breakdown
  • Submission of monthly progress photos and measurements (this is where you see your transformation come alive!)
  • Personal messenger service where you can contact me at any time during the day.