OLIVES…. a fruit or veg?

How many of you eat this fruit like it is a vegetable?  To be honest with you, I do.  We don’t commonly think of olives as a fruit.  I am always topping my home made pizza with it, adding it to my salads and mixing it in my pasta.  Now they come stuffed with flavourings such as lemon rind, peppers, garlic and even nuts!

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AVOCADOS – the ‘fashionable super food’

Roll back 30 years and I remember my dad growing avocados in his garden in Antigua, picking them when they were ripe and cutting them up to add to our plate for dinner.  With a pushed up face I said “no thanks”.  Luckily I was the youngest in my family, so I was given a bligh, but more fool me!

Roll forward 30 years and I read ‘50g of avocado’ on my meal plan from my coach.  Okaaayy let me try it… with a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon juice this little green fruit is the bomb!!!  So why now are we reading about this ‘super food’ in every health magazine all of a sudden?
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Seasonal fitness body

Do you find yourself looking at fitness posts on Instagram or gym workouts on You Tube to get some inspiration but end up coming home from work, putting your feet up and catching up on the latest soap?  There is a lot to gain from training in the Autum/Winter, more than people realise.

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How do you get those abs though??

Training the abs has always been my favourite part of working out.  The part where you can feel the burn after 10 or so reps and if you are zoned out can continue burning it until you have to stop and writhe on the floor in agony (I know, kind of sick eh!)

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Is it really that difficult to prep your food?

Having taken part in four fitness competitions in the last year, I am a dab hand at prepping my food.  But it didn’t start out this way… Read more

7 vital accessories to improve your workout!

Whether you are working out at home, in the park or in a gym, we have listed 7 items you should always have in your gym bag to enhance your workouts. Read more

Thank God it’s ‘take out’ Friday!

So my husband rushes in the house and says “It’s take out Friday today! What are we having, Chinese or Pizza?” with a big grin on his face.

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Eat clean, get lean

So you’ve partied hard over Christmas, ate everything you wanted, knowing that come 2nd January it will come to an end.  All because you’ve decided you will start ‘eating clean’ but … what exactly does “eating clean” mean?

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Oh, to be slim again!

Have you ever posted a throwback picture and then looked in the mirror to see the same eyes, same spirit, probably the same hairdo, looking back at you … but only with some extra weight?

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